Monday, November 10, 2008

new toys

headband: i think some store in the mall!
cardigan: express(?)
skirt: old navy
tights: buffalo exchange
flats: charlotte russe
tote: she & him show in SF!

I bought these two Christmas decorated puppets today at Target. What can I say? I couldn't resist, look how adorable they are :) I love everything about the end of the year holidays. I get so excited about all the meals, decorating, family gatherings, get togethers with friends to exchange gifts! This year I'm participating in a Secret Santa exchange and I've already got so many present ideas! Thank you all for so many lovely comments, I appreciate it so much. This weekend I'm planning on attending The Grinch- with ballet! It should be interesting :)

Also, one more thing:

We can’t wait for any large scale organization to get the word out for us. We have 1 week to put together a NATIONAL PROTEST and start a mobilized movement for equality! When we all come together as one voice on November 15th, we will show the nation that we can do more than just talk, we can act! We won’t solve everything in one protest, but we will fuel the fire to a conversation that can not be silenced! If we stop talking about equality for all, then we will lose the battle. If we allow others to stop talking about it, then we will lose. Hate is not the lack of love, it’s the fear of that which we do not know. This protest along with many others gives us the chance to build on the conversation and educate the masses.
It’s very simple: Infiltrate, Educate, and STOP HATE! Read more about how to get the word out at

Find your protest location here.



Fashionista* said...

hi! love your blog, put you on my blog roll
don't stop blogging x

Fashion Tidbits said...

love the tights!

Anonymous said...

The puppets are adorable. I love those tights! And I hope the protest goes well!

Mimi said...

That outfit's really pretty.Love the tights.

DaisyChain said...

Aw those puppets are too cute for words.
And I LOVE your tights, such an amazing colour.

gliffyfille said...

ooo those puppets are cute! i have a reindeer finger puppet!

Demi said...

aww how cute are your puppets!
and i love this outfit...i love dark red tights, they look so gorgeous!

Lucy said...

I love the tights--they give a great pop of color to the outfit! Hope your protest goes well today : )

Anonymous said...

Love the red tights! I've just started a blog & you are on my top blogs list, hope you don't mind!

Marina said...

Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog :
Bottes pas cher
Marina (from France)

Fashionista* said...

those toys are cute!
love th collour of those tights

Anonymous said...

i protested! (:

Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isa said...

hej dear! you have been tagged!

riennahera said...

grey + red is a wonderful colour combination. especially when it's bloody cold.

Rose said...

Find your blog a little bit late, but love the outfit you have on. The puppets are super cute!! Happy Holidays!

Clara said...

linda! *-*

LoveMore said...

good tights! and played with puppets today at work myself! nice blog! added you on my list on my page! :) xxx

Just A Little Girl said...

oh my god i love your style!!! x x

paprika girl said...

love the colour of the tights, and your blog is amazing, keep on!!! :)


Anonymous said...

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