Wednesday, January 14, 2009

japanese tea garden

In the beginning of this week I was lucky enough to visit the Japanese Tea Garden in SF. I'm absolutely in love with it. Everything is so serene and beautiful. We just barely got there before they closed and it was pretty neat being one of the only few people there having a look around- almost like a private tour! If any of you ever get a chance it's worth seeing :) I went a little bit overboard with taking pictures so sorry there's quite a lot!

Ignore this face!

Ignore my awkwardness!

black pea coat: f21
gray cardigan: express
top: f21
belt: thrifted
skirt: buffalo exchange
tights: ? target i think!
flats: jcpenneys!



kait.lyn said...

cute outfit!

that place is really beautiful. it reminds me of the huntington library a bit...nice and lush.

KEREN said...

Your outfit is quite lovely.
The setting is beatiful! ;)

DaisyChain said...

Oh wow, what an amazingly stunning place! I must visit some day.

I love your outfit, too.

Ester said...

i love your outfit! and your faces are funny! cant ignore it! but so cute! ;)

Anthea said...

Where is the purse from? Love the look. That's pretty much what Japan is like. You will have to visit one day :) Check out my post on The Penniless Fashionista :)

Rose said...

What a beautiful garden. You look really cute!Thank you for posting those great pictures!

LoveMore said...

oh gorgeous photos! what a pretty garden :) xx LM

Just A Little Girl said...

wow i am so jealous, I don't live anywhere near something as nice as this! i love anything oriental, and i am in love with your outfit! so cute! x x x x

Demi said...

woww, so beautiful!
it looks amazing, as do you!
lovely outfit
and I love your funny faces :D

Anonymous said...

ive been there too once. it was absolutely beautiful. even more beautiful than the original ones in Tokyo ^^ haha or i just didnt look closely enough!

i also lovee ur outfit! will add your blog to my blogroll! wonderful to look at!

MICHELLE.K said...

very beautiful & nice scene, wouldn't mind going there myself..someday =I
your so stunning.

India said...

it looks absolutely beautiful, i want to live there! love the outfit, too.

HoneyBunny said...

i like the outfit...and the garden is just amazingly beautiful!!!

Strawberry Fields said...

no wonder you took so many photos, its gorgeous. my local, so called, japanese gardens suck so badly

fabulous outfits aswell, and your expressions are amazing =D xx

love the blog btw!

alexandra said...

adorable! xx

zoƫ said...

im in looovvee with what you're wearing .
really cute pictures .


Outi said...

I want to go to this place...

frances said...

I just love your outfit. And your face!

Bucca said...


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