Friday, January 9, 2009

not dead!

Oy! I have not abandoned you, little blog, just simply taken a hiatus :) This whole winter break one of the things I love most is getting back together with old friends!



Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Nice to see you enjoyed your winter break. =)

jaleh said...

i'm glad to see you posting again, you have the best clothes! i wanna go shopping witchuu

DaisyChain said...

Welcome back =) I love your blue coat, it's such a perfect colour.

Doll of porcelain said...

Wow you're so cute when you smile! Love the coat!

KEREN said...

Good thing it was simply a hiatus ;)
And I'm really liking your coat.

Michelle said...

hey you're back! cute coat!! now i want a blue coat!

nice picture, the one with the cable car in the background. i miss san francisco!

Anonymous said...

~welcome bk

Girl next blog said...

The first pic is gorgeous and your outfit is so lovely!

I hope I'll see you in my blog again, because yours is great :)


Ester said...

yay! you're back! i love your outfit!! you coat is beautiful


MICHELLE.K said...

ahhh i really like your style, your so fabulous & gorgeous. I dont know how i stumbled by your blog, but im glad i did. Ah such an inspiration


Anonymous said...

hey its urban_ballerina from livejournal. i didnt know you had a blog. i am stupid. yes. haha. just thought id add you on my reading list. as i know i enjoy your livejournal. hope you dont mind!

Anonymous said...

omgosh, you are too cute for words in these pictures.

Anonymous said...

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