Thursday, April 23, 2009

what i wore yesterday

I tried putting up my hair in braids! My hair is so thick that when I did it the first few times they just ended up looking like sausages on my head :O, haha.

f21 sunglasses, h&m pink shirt, thrifted belt & skirt, target wedges

Oh man, I can't stop thinking about summer dresses and how relaxed I want to feel during the summer! Only a month to go :(



Anonymous said...

I love your hair. <3 I can't do that with my hair -- I've tried -- it's too short. Sad. =/

DaisyChain said...

I'm so jealous your hair behaves!

Thanks for the blog layout help <3

yiqin; said...

I have alwys wanted to do my hair like that but failed :( You make me want to have straight bangs!

Lauren said...

Your braid is rad!!! Your hair is too thick- mine too thin, makes it easy for braiding, although the braids come out much smaller!

lilliebe said...

you're so lucky your hair is so thick and lovely! you could do a small braid and the rest out / ponytail that would look cute too.

xoxo said...

whats this hearsyle called??

we are back so pleae check us out

Francie. said...

your hair looks gorgeous and it totally adds to your outfit. =]

nat.jane. said...

okay this is so important.
it would be THE neatest thing if you did a video or something of that sort of how to do your hair like that. because i want my hair like that for prom! and id love to be able to do it myself!
i'm good with the whole frenchbraid with bangs, but i know that this is different..
plleeease? ;P

Spardha Malik said...

love, love, love your hair!!

Schera said...

it looks so cute! I like it!

Anonymous said...

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anne said...

cute braids!