Wednesday, August 13, 2008

chinatown! + what i wore

I've found myself spending my days off roaming around different cities and this past Monday has been no different! My friends and I decided to go wandering around Chinatown in San Francisco just for fun. I always get so inspired when I go to new places. This picture sums up a little bit of the shops down in Chinatown. Cute things for good prices!

A building that I found really neat.


Not Chinatown, but we did go off and wander around more in the city, I'm in love with the buildings.

jean jacket: friend's
dress: my mom's :) but now mine
bag: target
socks: (i brought them because i knew i was going to get cold later which i did) f21
shoes: ebay



gliffyfille said...

i love your outfit. so cute! good thing for the socks! san francisco is such a great place. i'm glad it's only an hour away for me! did you go to haight & ashbury?

DaisyChain said...

One of my dear online friends sent me a package from San Francisco China Town,
so it's wonderful to be able to see a part of it.

Your outfit is super cute.

Richel said...

I love China town, I always find the cheapest things there!


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Wendy said...

I adore your outfit so cute!

belle.chantelle said...

I love your outfit. But most of all, you've inspired me to take a lookers around chinatown in my city. Thanks! I'm in need of some cheap knick-knacks.

girl on the wing said...

Such a lovely outfit! I've been looking for some grey socks just like that!
I once spent a day exploring Chinatown and North Beach, it was amazing, one of the best days of my life. Did you see the building with the huge green/blue dragon painted on the side? I think it's called 'The Store With Beautiful Things'? aaww...

Closet Shots said...

I love those shoess!! ANd socks! :) ANd I love how socks like that look with floral dresses :)

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