Friday, August 29, 2008

sorry for the lack of posting!

today's finds!

Today must have been over a million degrees! It was almost like a death trap walking into Salvation Army (can you tell I like to exaggerate a lot?) but really, who can resist sales? I found a lot of things but hopefully I can attend more sales this weekend since it's Labor Day Weekend! I'm always such a big goofball on sales! Despite being non-inspired by this terrible heat, here's what I wore today to go have lunch with Matt, shopping with Emily and complain about the weather!

Letting Winnie out because she likes to go outside for two seconds and then comes back in.

(i really like the back!)
dress: thrifted
belt: thrifted
shoes: target



gliffyfille said...

i love the outfit from the detailing on the back to the shoes! awww is that a cat or dog? i can't tell. haha. omg yeah, it's been so hot! rawr!

Wannabe said...

Your so lucky here are thrift stores are practically empty apart from old teeth mugs, but youve inspired me to go have a little nosy round when i get time :D

Anonymous said...

I have also been dreading with the weather lately. Especially when you go into some thrift stores that honestly do have a smelly odor. But besides the heat I do love that dress and those cute shoes!

Clara said...

Ooh I like your shoes! I was just browsing online for some simple t-strap wedges but no cigar ): Did you get them from Target recently?

Anonymous said...

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