Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lauren Conrad's Beach Butterfly Collection

Ever since The Hills aired in 2006, I was a big fan until they announced that Lauren Conrad, former star from the hit MTV Reality Show, Laguna Beach was going to become an intern for Teen Vogue. Don't get me wrong, this girl (appears) to be nice, down to earth, sweet and what not but I asked myself, what did she have to offer to the fashion world? When the show Laguna Beach aired 2004-2005, (yes, I admit that I religiously watched this show) her style consisted of constant beach type attire- flip flops, tank top and jeans. Of course, let's not forget those occasional designer clothing and accessories her mother & father bought for her as well! However, nothing about her style was sensational or inspiring, it was actually more, typical and unoriginal.

Why Teen Vogue? Why did you cast her as an intern when there are hundreds of girls that are more interesting and fashionable? Or when there's a hundreds of girls dying for an opportunity to intern for you and you gladly hand it over to Conrad as if it's like a note to your best friend? I've thought about it for quite some time and I've concluded that the answer was for publicity but has since then resulted in infamy. On the show, Conrad has somewhat improved her style a bit but has continued to lack anything remotely new or inspiring. She launched her more overpriced Forever21-esque clothing line last year which brings me to the reason for this long, ranted post- Her new collection titled, the "Beach Butterfly Collection", which only increases my assumption of her bland taste, came out earlier this week.

Each of these pieces are priced of around $110-$220. Eh.