Friday, September 26, 2008

As an American citizen and young adult, I feel it's important to influence my peers about how important the presidential election is. This is YOUR future. I'm really glad the debate is on tonight so for those of you who are able to vote, please review the candidates and form opinions! If you aren't well informed of the candidates this is a good opportunity to hear from the candidates of their future plans and ideas.

I've also provided a couple of links for those of you who want to be more informed of things:

Vote For Change- Check if you're registered or register to vote!
YouTube- Great for interviews you might have missed from shows like The View, CBS Evening News, The Late Show, etc.
ONTD_Political- A livejournal community where I get most of my news related information.
-ABC News, CBS News, CNN, etc.



Snowshoe said...

obama ftw ^^ !!

linked your lovely blog : )

ps. your yellow velvet chair looks a little like my yellow velvet chair...

Mary said...

I WISH I COULD VOTE IN YOUR ELECTION! Hahaha, i'm registered for the Canadian one though.
I love how Canadian elections take... uh.. 2 months? and yours have been going on for almost a year.

jaleh said...

This is such a good post. It's so important for young voters to get involved in politics!! I'm very excited to vote in my first election :)

Anonymous said...

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