Thursday, September 11, 2008

outfit post + a little ny fashion week inspiration

Don't make fun of me, but I sort of just threw this on so I could show you all my new leotard that I got for my ballet class, haha. The class is going really well- my feet are already sore! We're strictly supposed to wear a leotard with tights as dress attire so I went and bought this from a local dance store. Having this leotard along with my AA one makes me wish I could add more leotards to my wardrobe. They're just so easy to pair with skirts. I don't have to worry about pulling down my shirt or that annoying ruffle that goes on when I sit down.

leotard: encore dance store
skirt: f21
ballet shoes: encore dance store

I wore this to school today, another one of those AA knock off skirts from Walmart!

blouse: h&m
belt: thrifted
skirt: walmart
heels: vintage

And now, thanks to Carolina Herrera Backstage Spring 2009's hair inspiration for the week! Closer picture:




DaisyChain said...

I adore both of these outfits.

gliffyfille said...

the ballet outfit is pretty as well as the hairdo. i could never do hairdos like that, they always fall apart.

Jenny H. said...

ahhh i love that walmart version of the aa skirt.
i never would have thought they could pull that off!

Clara said...

I loooove the first outfit!! I want to rock the low-back leotard with skirt combo so badly!

Anonymous said...

I particularly love your first outfit because of that fabulous skirt!! Gorgeous hairdo. I wish I had the time and patience to fix my hair in something else other than a ponytail...
lovely blog!

small k said...

i seriously need to buy that walmart skirt!

Anonymous said...

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Morellocherry said...

hey, i find the faces you pull hilarious! and i love , love ,love all your shoes posted. Great outfits and great hairstyle! :)

sasha said...

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