Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm getting sick :( I slept really early last night because I felt horrible. Hopefully it will go away soon :(

This is what I wore to explore someone's backyard :P Haha @ my eyez. -_-

I'm actually wearing pants! I think this is the first time since.. earlier this year, haha. I wore only dresses this summer along with a few outfits with shorts. It felt a bit weird but I think I'm going to start wearing pants again :P

cardigan: ?
blouse: old navy
pants: (i actually safety pinned these to make them more have a "skinny" look since it looked weird with the heels!) old navy
heels: buffalo exchange



jaleh said...

you look great! i'm also kind of scared to start wearing pants - i barely wore them all summer and i think i am going to try to survive fall/winter in lots of dresses/skirts/tights etc. i dont knowif i can manage it ;p

DaisyChain said...

I hope you get well soon.

I hate you (in the nicest possible way) for looking fantastic in trousers!

Anthea said...

I love the brown cardigan and matching shoes :) Cute!

alyssa said...

really cute. i need to wear more black and brown. you rock it.

LIM said...

Hi woman! This is Lim from singapore! Love your blog posts. Love that shade of blue that's on your room, & your school bag (with rose printings)it kind da rock.

gentle soul, earth angel said...

you're adorable and i hope you feel better!

LJ said...

I love how you matched the cardigan to the shoes. So elegant and you look fantastic.
Matching is so underated

belle.chantelle said...

WOOO!!! You look amazing, very sophisticated.
I ended up getting my mask two years ago, at a place called Malabar in Toronto. It's a costume rental/ dance heaven place. You know the type I'm talking about! =]

yiqin; said...

Hahaha exploring backyards?! Aren't you scared! hahahah love the outfit though :) & the owl scares me :/

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