Tuesday, October 14, 2008

looking forward to cold weather(still) and perhaps a mini vacation soon?

blazer: vintage
dress: thrift
shoes: urban original

Did the last picture fool you? I am not actually wearing glasses :P My eyes just looked haggard so I added some sticker from photobucket, haha. I wore this to class today. Nothing special! I can't believe cold weather hasn't begun here yet. It's still going to be 80 degrees all week! :( Good news though, I might be going to Disneyland a second time for the holidays and to visit a good friend of mine! I'm pretty excited.. especially since this will probably be my first trip alone, ah. I have to go now and do some stats hw :(

ps- psssst california voters!



alyssa said...

the shoes are hot!

and yes, no on 4 and no on 8!

gliffyfille said...

the shoes are beautiful! totally agree with you on prop 4. i'm sad that i can't vote!

Anonymous said...

I love the blazer! And you DID fool me. LOL. I was going to say nice sunglasses. Hehe. Then I read below and they weren't! LOL. Good one. Have fun at Disneyland! I'm jealous. I have only ever been there once.

DaisyChain said...

Fantastic outfit! You had me fooled on the last pic =)


Thx for your visit!! Your pic´s so cutee!!

Natalie M.P. said...

great shoes!

Demi said...

you fooled me, but its a lovely pic!
love the outfit! =D

belle.chantelle said...

You look so classy! <3

$ouLphate said...

lovely photographs =) this look is nice!

Francesca said...

cute outfit. im especially loving those shoes!

Anonymous said...

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